Red Abbott in Popular Mechanics

The article has aged well over a couple years, and it’s still a gas hear the “evolution of the song” (Dutchess County) on the nerdy website of the nerd magazine of nerds.

Key paragraphs:

Technologically, they knew the band could work (indie-electronica band The Postal Service tried something similar using standard mail in 2003), but they weren’t sure how to merge the collaborative process with their new Internet-based production style. “We didn’t just want something where Chip wrote a whole 3-minute guitar and vocal song and Joe and I just played backup on it,” Brown says. “We wanted to be a band.”

Shure SM57 Microphone
Unless you’re aiming for a low-fi sound, don’t skimp on the microphones. Bert Brown and his band use the Shure SM57 ($170). This basic, professional-grade mic is good for vocals as well as for acoustic instruments.