Circa 1997

Broken Treehouse is not really a record label, it’s not a performing group and it’s not an artist’s collective.  There is far too little motivation behind the whole thing to tie it to such illustrious terms.

Three young friends played a lot of music in various groups over several years, and one afternoon, lazily played some (pretty awful) music together.  This event was dubbed “Broken Treehouse.”  In the years since that afternoon (which really shouldn’t have been remembered as anything significant), the friends have done other things with music that they like to think are much more significant than the original effort of that afternoon.

The name, though, stuck around and has been freely associated with the configurations of people and creative projects connected to the three friends.  This website represents that association.  Here you’ll find links out to those projects — the artists, albums and groups that can justifiably be wholly referred to as part of the Broken Treehouse network.

Thanks for coming by, and please do what you can to spread the word about the music this leads you to, should you enjoy it enough to feel compelled to do so.